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"This program is awesome!"
- Adam Phillips

"A great alarm clock program - Congratulations, I like it's simplicity - and ease of use"
- Peter Waters, Canada

"After downloading this software i feel that this has the potiental to be big in the future"
- Will Huff

"I got my first taste of your program this morning. I really like it. Of course, the news was not good...but your program works great."
- Skooter-Lee, USA

"That program is WONDERFUL. You've really developed what I've been looking for (...) I will appreciate you each day I read the front pages."
- William Upton-Knittle, USA

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Privacy Policy for

Wake up news (WUN) is a shareware computer alarm clock and companion web site developped by Eric Bernatchez, freelance journalist.

Thus, this web site already has the following practices:

- it does not require your email address at any time at all
- it does not require you to be a member (a common trick to gather personal information)
- it does not set cookies (advertising companies to which I subscribe from this site may use cookies, which is beyond my control)
- if you decide to buy Wake up News after the trial period, our e-commerce partner's (Regnow) privacy policy will apply.

Otherwise, we don't collect data at all, except in two occasions:

- when you press the "Troubleshooting" button. In that case, we only get ANONYMOUS data that helps troubleshooting, such as the current time of your computer, the wake up time that you set, the kind of alarm that you selected and your media player (usually mplayer2.exe).
- When you press the "Get it Now" or "Purchase" button that leads you to our registration page. For statistics purpose, the software sends the time at which you first installed wake up News and the number of times you used it.

We believe this to be an acceptable policy, as it does not involve collection of any nominal, personal or sensitive information. If you do not agree with that approach - wether you are a Wake up News user or not - I (the author) am eager to read your feedback and I'm very open to adapt that approach to any significant suggestion.