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"That program is WONDERFUL. You've really developed what I've been looking for (...) I will appreciate you each day I read the front pages."
- William Upton-Knittle, USA
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Wake up News Money Back Guarantee FAQ

What are the conditions to get a refund on Wake up News?

None! There is no condition, no question asked, it's unconditional.

Why do you do that? People could rip you off!
It's right, people could technically rip me off by purchasing the software, getting their registration code and then asking for a refund while still using the software, but I prefer to risk being ripped off rather than risking ripping off my customers. Plus, my track record shows that this probably just doesn't happen: I very seldom have refund requests and I think that means that people are honnest, they enjoy Wake up News. Therefore, they just don't ask for a refund.
What proves me you'll actually refund me if I ask for a refund?
First: you have my word that I'll do. But I understand that, for you, I'm just an obscure program developper and you don't know who I am. But you have another, stronger safety net for your refund: your credit card company's policy. The major credit card companies have a policy that allows you to challenge a charge to your account if the merchant failed to deliver what they promised. So, technically, you could print out this clear money-back guarantee page and show it to VISA or Master Card (or another card company) and they would ask me to prove that I delivered what I promised or they'd cancel the transaction. But you will never have to go to that extent, since I'll refund you whenever you ask, no matter the reason. If you paid by Paypal, I'm unsure whether you have that kind of guarantee but you still have my word that I'll refund you.
Okay, I get the catch now: You promise a refund by there is no way to contact you to ask for that refund, right?
Absolutely no catch. There is a simple way to contact me and I want to make it clear: just email me at with any information allowing to identify you: Last name or email used when buying Wake up News, order ID... any of these will do.
What will be the delay for the refund to be processed?

Expect about 24 hours but it can be as quick as 5 minutes. Being a geek, I'm often in front of my computer and when I get a refund request (it's rare, but it happens), I make it a priority to process it right-away or at least send an email stating when I plan to do it if I can't right now. However, I ask people to understand that this is a one-man runned business here so if I'm on vacation or traveling on business for a week, it may take more time for the refund to be processed but the important thing is it WILL be processed and you'll always get an auto-responder detailing whether or not I'm away from my office and when I plan to return. The refund will appear on your credit card statement as a credit (a negative amount) in the amount of your original purchase. You can usually also check that the refund has been applied by calling your credit card company.

How come you're so easy-going and generous? It sounds too good to be true!
Well, I've been a journalist for almost 10 years, with a main focus on consumer-advocacy, so the least I can do to be consequent with myself is to have a good consumer service policy. But my goal is to actually have an "excellent" consumer service approach and I figured that a truly unconditional money-back guarantee would be the ultimate solve-it-all solution to any possible issue you could have with Wake up News. And I get so few refund requests anyway that I don't want to bother trying to evaluate whether or not you deserve a refund: I prefer to let you be the judge and concentrate on some more important aspects like adding new features to Wake up News. So whatever the reason: You be the judge and YOU determine whether or not you need a refund, as long as it is within 60 days of your purchase.
Why is there a 60-day limit to the money-back guarantee?
I guess there has to be some sort of time limit to that kind of guarantee. Most shareware boasting a money-back guarantee limit it to 30 days so to make sure I was more than fair, I chose a 60-day time limit. Logically, this sounds sufficient for anybody to determine whether they want to keep the software or ask for a refund.
How can you make sure I won't keep using the software once refunded? I could just rip you off!
Right-on! You can potentially rip me off! But I hope for the best. I ask people who get a refund to uninstall Wake up News from their computer and delete their original registration code. But there's no way for me to verify that they actually do. I trust your honnesty.
Is this really "No question asked"?

Yes it is! You are the best judge to determine whether or not you're satisfied with a product, so, if, for example:

  • Your wife goes mad at you for busting this month's budget: I refund you!
  • You find a better product (I'd be surprised): I refund you (and I don't argue)!
  • You don't like some features of the software: I refund you!
  • Or you simply change your mind: I refund you!
  • No matter the reason: I refund you!

There is NO fine print, NO catch, No question asked, NO condition (appart from the very basic condition of having purchased Wake up News in the first place!), it's simply an unequivocal unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee and I'm proud of it! So, knowing that, you can confidently go on and buy Wakeup News, knowing that there is no risk at all.

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