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"This program is awesome!"
- Adam Phillips (from
"A great alarm clock program - Congratulations, I like it's simplicity - and ease of use"
- Peter Waters, Canada
"I got my first taste of your program this morning. I really like it. Of course, the news was not good...but your program works great."
- Skooter-Lee, USA
"That program is WONDERFUL. You've really developed what I've been looking for (...) I will appreciate you each day I read the front pages."
- William Upton-Knittle, USA
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Alarm Clock FAQ

Is Wake Up News a Spyware?

For God's sake: NO! Because of the function that "loads your newspapers", some people may think that it is a subtle way to mean "advertising" but it ain't. All that Wake up News does is connect to the Internet (only if select that option) and load the newspaper home pages that YOU specify, such as"" for the New-York Times, etc. That function is just an additional functionality of Wake up News as a computer alarm clock and you turn it on or off. There is no spyware component and no ads come with it, appart from the ads displayed by the web sites that you visit, of course. So let me put it in capitals: I HATE SPYWARE AS MUCH AS YOU DO!

How long does the free trial last?
30 days (we require that you take a short survey on how you like our computer alarm clock so far after 10 days). But keep in mind that you can buy it at any time and then you have 60 full days to ask for a refund if you are unsatisfied.
What if I don't want the newspaper thing? Can I turn it off?
Absolutely! It's just an additional function. You can use Wake up News just like a regular computer alarm clock if you prefer.
Will Wake Up News turn on my computer in the morning?
Yes... but, you need to put it on "stand-by" mode, not shut it down completely. No computer alarm clock software can turn on a computer since a computer needs to be on in order to perform any action! With the Wake up News alarm clock, first set your wake up time then, select the sleep mode. Your computer will remain silent so you can sleep and will resume in the morning, just before the alarm clock rings!
What if I'm not the kind of person to leave my computer on all night?

As explained above, you can put this computer alarm clock software on stand by instead of leaving it running, which is the equivalent of shutting it down, except that it remains in a semi-conscious mode, enough to be able to wake up in the morning.

I hate installing software because I'm worried that this alarm clock software might damage my installation of Windows? Is Wake up News risky?
I hear you! Some programs bring nothing but trouble. Fortunately, Wake up news is a very simple computer alarm clock software. It only installs some very common dll's (most of which are probably already on your computer) and doesn't change your Windows or any program's settings. it includes an uninstall utility, accessible from your control panel's "Add/remove programs" feature. So I believe there is no risk in installing and running Wake up News.
Wake up News used to be freeware, why is it now sold?
Wake up News was free since launch in 1999 but it turned out that such a business model was not viable. The original concept was to display advertising while people viewed newspapers online, but it never showed viable, plus people are already fed-up with advertising on Internet. Thus, wake up news has been turned into a low-cost computer alarm clock shareware in order to still provide that great resource to those who like it while doing it at a reasonable price and allowing the venture to make some commercial sense. However, Wake up News is still free to try as most shareware. It is only after the trial period, if you feel that you want to keep it, that you can buy and register Wake up News. No credit card information will be asked until you decide to buy it and, after that moment, I offer an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee with no question asked. So your only risk is having fun and waking up in a great high-tech way!
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Wake up News is a personal project by Eric Bernatchez, freelance journalist