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"This program is awesome!"
- Adam Phillips (from
"A great alarm clock program - Congratulations, I like it's simplicity - and ease of use"
- Peter Waters, Canada
"I got my first taste of your program this morning. I really like it. Of course, the news was not good...but your program works great."
- Skooter-Lee, USA
"That program is WONDERFUL. You've really developed what I've been looking for (...) I will appreciate you each day I read the front pages."
- William Upton-Knittle, USA
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Are you still waking up with a conventional alarm clock? Wake up news uses the power of your computer to wake you up the happy way: MP3 music, CD or cool preset sounds, from mild to wild (our extreme sounds could wake the dead).
It will even pre-load your choice of 160 preset online news web sites, or some of 98 built-in links to popular comic strips.
And Wake up News is more than just a computer alarm clock: Use it to set reminders, from birthdays to that date you must not forget. And launch countdown timers in a snap for 15 or 20-minute delays, for instance.

EXTRA! EXTRA! We have decided not to update Wake up news to 64-bit computer systems. It may or may not work with your Vista or Win7 system but at least, we decided to give the software away! Wake up news is now COMPLETELY FREE. However, it is NOT supported anymore. Please don't email for support. To get it free, download it and just use this registration code when it asks for registration:

******* Registration Information ********
Name: EnjoyWUN
Serial code: RG7G35W89-Q2M8BJ+HKBGJ
If asked for an email, just type "". Enjoy!

Thanks to all those who enjoyed and loved Wake up news since 1999.

Features For Everyone: (Mouse over "" sign for more information)
Hard To Wake Up?
- Optional "Wake up enforcement"
- 9 EXTREME Preset Alarm Sounds!
- Adjustable Alarm Snooze
- Auto-Unmute
- Wake Up from Stand-by
MP3 & Music Lover?
- Use Your CD's
- Use One or Many MP3's
- Sleep to Music Timer
- MIDI, WAV, WMP Also Supported
- Wake up to Internet Radio
Need Reminders?
- Set an infinite number of reminder
- Program Alarms In Real Language
- Quick-Set Countdown Timer
- Set yearly birthday reminders
Web & News Addict?
- 160 Preset News Links:
  (newspapers, politics, tech news, etc)
- 98 online Daily Comic Links
- Add your own web links

All You Need Is:
  • Windows (XP or else)
  • Windows Media Player
* Used to be covered by my unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee but now FREE
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Detailed description:

Wake up News is not only an alarm clock, it is a new way to wake up and it replaces any reminder service. It can be used simply as an alarm clock but, you can also select a couple of newspapers and Wake up News will automatically connect to the Internet (if not on apermanent connection) using your regular Internet connection and load the newspapers you asked for.

This alarm clock and reminder software comes with some preset alarm clock sounds but you can also have it play your own MP3 files (media player required).

Wake up News computer alarm clock development was started in 1999 by Eric Bernatchez, a freelance journalist who wanted to read his newspapers online in order to save hundreds in newspaper subscribtion fees annually and avoid having to cope with tons of papers to recycle. After having been downloaded by more than 50,000 people worldwide, Wake up News has had several improvements to become a fully featured alarm clock & reminder software.